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Ängsö National Park

Getting here

Ängsö National Park is situated in Stockholm’s archipelago approximately 8 kilometres east of Bergshamra in the inner Roslagen archipelago in Norrtälje Municipality, Stockholm County.

You can get to Ängsö only by boat. Blidösundsbolaget arranges regular boat trips to Ängsö from Strömkajen in Stockholm by and large daily during the spring and summer. Blidösundsbolaget can be reached by telephone at +46 (0)8-24 30 90.

For other trip and water taxi service, contact the Norrtälje tourist office, telephone +46 767-650 660.

Finding a place to put in with your own boat is easy, but bear in mind that large parts of the island’s eastern side are a bird sanctuary with no admittance during the 1/2 – 15/8 period.